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Ashbourne General Insurance Services Ltd is an independent insurance intermediary who acts as your agent. We offer a wide range of insurance products and deal with a number of insurers in the market place. Our service includes advising and arranging insurance to meet your requirements. We also will assist you in any ongoing future changes that you need to make. Included in our services we will assist and advise you with any claim you need to make, however, within your policy booklet there are set procedures that you must follow.

Any money held is as an agent of the Insurers.

Ashbourne General Insurance Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority which regulate sales, advisory and services standards for the selling of non-investment insurance products, excluding Long Term Care, to ensure the customers are treated fairly.


Your attention is particularly drawn to the importance of the Declaration and signature on insurer proposal forms. It is your responsibility to ensure that accurate information is given to the insurers when you take out your insurance policy, throughout the life of your policy and when you renew your insurance. Any failure to disclose facts material to the insurance or any inaccuracies in your answers could invalidate the cover and therefore could mean that part or all of a claim may not be paid.

Please do consult us if you are in doubt of any aspect.


We will endeavour to make sure that you receive all your documentation that you need promptly. However, if for any reason we withhold any insurance documentation we will obtain your permission, unless permitted to do so by law. If we do hold any documents, we will make sure that you receive full details of your insurance cover and any documents that you need to have by law.


It is our intention to provide you with a high level of customer service at all times. If there are occasions when we do not meet your standards please contact Mr. G. Whitehouse, either verbally or in writing, who will take details of your concerns and attempt to address the issue within five working days. If our investigations take longer we will provide a full response within 20 working days or explain our position and provide timescales for a full response. Should you fail to be satisfied with our replies you will then have access to the Financial Conduct Authority’s explanatory leaflet from us dealing with Dispute Resolution.

The Dispute Resolution Facility only applies to private customers.


Under the Private Customer Code, we have to give you certain information before you make your decision. If we have not given you this information when you buy your insurance (and you have not told us you do not want it) we will allow you a “cooling-off” period of at least 14 days from the time you receive the information. If you do not want to continue with the insurance, you may cancel your cover within this period and get all your money back (as long as you have not made any claims).

If however, you want to buy your insurance without receiving all the information about the products and services, we will keep a record of your agreement to this and there will not be a “cooling-off” period.